Coach PF of FRESHJUNKIE racing  has been working with triathlon and marathon clients since 2011 and swimmers since the 1990.  One on one coaching is available on a monthly basis with a 3 month minimum @ $175 per month.  Clients receive 4 week blocks of workouts and have text access as well as calls as needed.  (20 slots available)


People these days are more and more unhappy, stressed and unfulfilled than ever.  We've been there.  For this program we dig in with you to help you take stock of your life in 6 different focuses.  We help you figure out your "why" as well as help you create a filter based around it.  We then run your life through that filter.  Your health/fitness, career, relationships, finances, dreams to make sure you are setting the right goals and are aligned.   The course is a 4 week process with weekly calls and course work.  $400 for first month $200 thereafter.  3 month minimum. (10 slots available)

Endurance coaching and the life stock program.  $500 for the first month.  $200 each month after-3 month minimum.