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A friend asked me where i come up for ideas to write about. Usually, it’s not terribly hard, but like all things, some days are easier than others. I will say that I mostly just need a little spark and I’m on my way, and other days, it’s a simple commitment to putting something in motion and giving it some space. I’m not an expert, and all of this is comes from trial and error. So far it has worked.

Easy aim for this morning is the concept of Friday. Yes, I bashed Mondays earlier this week (then promptly cut the shit out of myself in the kitchen ), So I might as well take down Friday too?

But I won’t. You find joy in Friday, and my bashing of Monday Mentality was really the idea of treating all days the same. I tell people all the time “Monday also rhymes with Funday!” Most of the time I get the side eye, but I’m gonna keep trying.

For our family, the weekends are usually as or more busy than the week. Training, kids stuff, a lot of races to put on and so forth. I usually work in some shape or form, seven days a week, so the weekend for me isn’t terribly different than Wednesday. Thankfully though, Fridays are usually a little slower.. Not sure how this worked out, but thankful nonetheless.

I get it though, for most people, Friday marks your time to relax and an end to answering to someone else, time to hang out with family or just do nothing. So I’ll leave Friday alone…for now.

Oh! I almost forgot.

I was talking with another friend last night and he’s stressed about just life and the ins and outs of things. I recommended he get up and write every day for a week just to see if it helps, and I’ll ask the same of you. Now before you get all, “Im not a writer,” hear me out. The idea behind writing for me, started as a way to work through life. I committed to doing it every day first thing, but if nothing came up, at least agree to try again later in the day.

What I’ve found is love this 30 mins in the dark. The dogs wheezing in the corner and the ringing in my ears. I find it relaxes me even on the most stressful of days. It centers me for what’s ahead and it makes me realize that not a whole lot in this world is worth getting too riled up about.

I have learned to stop, create space, and let things happen. A lot of days I should probably use this time for other things, but I’m not there yet, and I have found that the benefits of writing daily are way more important than answering emails and participating in the rat race. The goal is to eventually have the morning work like this.

  1. 4:15-up, feed dogs, coffee, darkness, and writing.

  2. 5:15-go workout

  3. 7:00-More coffee, post workout breakfast (which I always forget). Start day.

  4. 9:00-APPLY #1 to actual work items.

I’m not always able to stop and go back to #4 yet, but the one thing that writing has done, has been to create a level of self awareness. I know most of the things I need to work on to be better. We all do. It’s about creating some space to work on them. So if there’s any take away for your Friday. it’s simply that.

Find a way to create some space DAILY to breathe, focus, and work on yourself. My challenge to you is to get up 30 mins earlier every day for a week and write. It can be a journal, or a book you’ve always wanted to write, or a blog, or just stream of consciousness. It doesn’t matter if it makes any sense, just do it for a week and tell me I’m wrong.


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