Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 


i like one word titles. more dramatic. also if you use a long titles you do't have anything left to write about. if the title was, my shoulder is fried, 32 miles is forever, i have some siblings, and ohh crap you would know it all and there would be nothing left to say. i have one week left and things have been tough.
as i said in my last blog i swam for 7 hours last sunday. it started off fine and steadily got worse. i did great with nutrition, but my shoulders were feeling the last two weeks of workouts. the last hour, my left shoulder was toast. i finished the last of 70 400's and probably couldn't have done another one. i had to get my freinds Mitch and Joe to put the kayak on top of the truck as i couldn't lift my arms over my head. i loaded up on ibuprofen and iced them off and on all day, but on monday morning i still couldn't lift my arm over my head. i usually sleep on my stomach with my arms over my head. sunday night i slept with my left arm by my side. on monday it was darn near locked up. i could not have swum one length. my coach and now good freind Shelly said she would take care of it for me and got me in touch with a doctor to get some strong stuff. it worked and by monday evening i was feeling more confident. i took monday and tuesday off. on wednesday i went to the pool to do an interview for a local tv station. i ended up swimming a bit and did not feel too bad. the shoulder was what i would like to call "tentative", it didn't hurt, but i could tell that the pain was within my reach if i pushed too much. i swam an easy hour wednesday without incident. no snap in my arms but i wasn't hurting so it was positive. i swam 18 miles or so that sunday, 32 miles is going to be forever if my shoulder hurts that bad next week.
fund raising has been okay so far. i have finally seen why people have development jobs. it is a full time job. i am looking forward to haveing some time after the swim to continue what we are doing and to raise more money and awareness.
a lot of friends and family are turning out to help out with the swim. one in particular really means a lot. i grew up for all intents and purposes an only child. my dad was married prior to marrying my mom and had three kids, Susan, Bill and Craig. Craig is 10 years older than i am and Billy 2-3 older than him and Susan 2 older than Billy. we never lived in the same house and only when i was very young did we live in the same town. i cannot imagine what their world must have been like growing up. divorce is hard on every party involved. mostly on the kids. my half brothers and sister were always good to me and besides craig calling my "brat" for the first 6 years of my life, we have always had a loving and good, although distant relationship. i have always wanted more, but besides a decade between us, we all live between 1000 and 3000 miles apart. its tough. we talk from time to time and see each other every 2-3 years and it is what it is. last week my brother bill called and told me to call him when i got a shot. i talked to him thursday and he said he is going to try and make it down for the swim. he lives in kingston ontario, canada (america jr.) which is 2 hours north of syracuse, ny. i was shocked (in a good way). he may not be able to work it out, but the fact that he would come down for it meant the world to me. he wants to get in and swim with me. how awesome is that.

i can't follow that with anything clever or otherwise, this swim is bigger than me.


one week