Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 

things are coming together

A lot of what I had concerns about is starting to come together. I had no idea how to start a non-profit or if I even needed to. As I am sure I will see over and over and over on this adventure, friends are our greatest asset. My restauran is in a public market started by a group tied to The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, a national recognized non profit organiztion. They are goin to set up a fund for me giving me immediate legitimacy. As the name of the blog represents, their is a working name for the event, and now there is a legitimate name for the charity Rocketkidz Foundation. I am excited and am now ready to start looking to the big dogs for help. I hope they will be fired up and get involvled. If you know anyone or would like to be involved you may email me directly @
My wife Jeanne and I went out to eat tonight where she vocalized concern about if I could make it, and what could happen to me etc. I have never thought of not making it and it kind of startled me. It is a long way to swim. Is it a mental game or is it a physical game. Obviously both, but I have never swam more than about 3 miles without stopping. Only 10 x's that and I will finish.
I will finish. It may take me 24 hours, but I'll do it.

things are coming together

who is this rocketboy and what is this all about?