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Slave to the #


I bought a scale a couple weeks ago. It’s fancy. It links to my watch and my phone and the internet and all sorts of things. What I have found in the last two weeks is that weighing myself daily proves that being a slave to the number is a lot like buying a car. You can make the numbers work any way you want, but you’re not getting out of there without a $500 a month car payment. 

I started out on this quest to lose about 10 lbs. I figured that the way I’d been doing it was terrible and a scale would help at least I’d be doing something. So slave to the number, here I come. 

After roughly three weeks of scaling, I’ve basically fluctuated over the same 8 lbs with “losses” with one day numbers as big as 6 lbs. I’m a got-damn weight loss powerhouse!  That was worth the $106 scale. 

If you haven’t learned by now. That’s sarcasm. A crap pile of sarcasm. Numbers are great and I get you have to start somewhere, but while the numbers are nice what you really want is to look different and no scale in the world is getting you there. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I’m not sure if there’s a podcast help group where all these nerds discuss the “essential podcast themes” or not. What I do know is that if you listen to podcasts long enough, Occam’s Razor will show up, in every single show. It’s like  podcast idea #4 in the podcast support group. In short, Occam’s Razor says that the simplest, most obvious answer is always right. I must be about to hit it big time, cause this is my Occam moment. 

The simplest and most obvious answer is that at some point to look different, regardless of diet, you are going to have to work out and more likely than not, you’re going to have to incorporate strength training. Weighing yourself every day isn’t going to do shit but make you ocd and possibly give you an eating disorder. 

Instead, eat right. Move more. Feel better. Look better. That’s it. 

Nerd ass, nerd shit right there. 

So be a slave to something you can get up and do most days than not. Something you enjoy. You don’t have to be a runner but throw in some aerobic work. When you plateau, which you will. Change it up. But always add strength. 

My current non man boob fighting activity involves a plank progression. Most of us (you) can’t do a plank for more than a minute. You don’t need a gym to start there. Do some air squats, pushups, burpees. YouTube has 9 gazillion videos pick one and do it. After you can move your body, begin adding weight.

PF/Occam’s razor. AKA, you knew the answer already


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