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turn and face the strain...i am not a huge bowie fan, but like this song. anything going through your head is cool when you are staring at the black line. this morning was 8000 meters. it actually wasn't too bad, and i held a good pace through the main set which was 5000 pretty much straight through. i am still feeling pretty strong as last week was a recovery week and i only swam a couple of times and (gasp) ran 3 times. one of my runs was hill repeats with my friend mike in cali. brutal. i will upload a picture of it in the manana as i don't have the cable right now, but sufice it to say that the elevation here is -8 feet below sea level and stays flat. the cali run was 16 x 200 or so hard with 200 easy down. i haven't run in two months and thought for sure I would be crippled the next day, but i guess some of the strength training i am doing is paying off as it wasn't too bad. to answer a few questions from an earlier post.
1. Erin-it is 59,000 yards in 32 miles. i am talking of individual workouts and the 4000-5000 range are short ones. i will build up to 15000 yard workouts. as with ironman yu never do the whole distance, you just keep building endurance.
2.Pato-good to see you this weekend. and yes i haven't posted due to work, travel for work, and being in the pool a lot. i also have been doing dryland circuits with 17 year old kids who are whopping my ass.
highlight of last weeks training was fridays workout which was only 4000, but it was straight through and in a wetsuit in the pool. i kept it aerobic and medium paced and finished in 53 minutes and change. i was fired up to be keeping 1:20 pace even if in the pool in a wetsuit. my goal for the event will be to hold 1:30 all day long. it's funny because this was the pace i "thought" i could hold when i first came up with this swim, but i quickly dismissed it as not possible. my coach is awesome and her workouts keep me challenged both in variety and in how fit they are getting me. this pace may actually be possible. this is huge as it takes me from my projsected 2 miles per hour to 2.5 or a time difference of 3 hours. even if i don't get thereit is a big jump.
on another note I am applying for my first "job" in, well besides restaurant jobs, ever. it has been challenging putting together my resume when i have 6-7 years of self-employment. it is for a job in a field i love so we shall see. i will continue to have the restaurant and do a few other things in the meantime.
changes indeed.
hope everyone reading this has a blessed christmas and happy new year.

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