Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 

Half the battle


I’m working my way through a podcast chronicling the making of the latest Pixies album. It’s basically interviews and all access of the band in the studio. It’s interesting to listen to the process, to see that it’s similar for everyone. Some of the episodes have more in depth discussions with the folks in the band and there are some gems. One of them was the following. 

“Half the battle is walking up to the canvas and start doing shit. Eventually you will find your thread. You will do art...It has to show effort.” (Charles Thompson aka Black Francis)

I felt like I was listening to myself. Turns out to do anything you have to just freaking try and be open to what happens. Failing is better than  not trying. 

You get to decide. There is a price to pay for everything you want to do. You get to choose if that price is worth the time and effort costs.  There’s no penalty for not paying it other than you don’t get whatever it is you want.  That’s okay, but there’s no bitching if you choose not to pay as most of these things aren’t owed. 

The art, in my experiences, is always worth the price. Creating is just like exercise. A release. An engaging of the brain. An act that can be equal parts fulfillment and frustration. 

As of late, I’ve been able to play music for this release. It’s something I’ve been doing for 30+ years and it’s been like putting on a warm familiar jacket that has the same drafty holes in it. The same blind spots on the creative highway. The same self doubts that either make you better or stifle you. The same satisfactions when perseverance wins and you get the reward. 

Half the battle is stepping up to the canvas. 



Some days.