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DAY 1: What ever will fill the days?

DAY 1: What ever will fill the days?


First, if you are scoring at home, you will notice that today is day 1 and not yesterday, so I am actually shooting for 28 days of nearly family friendly content.  You could hashtag that with something, but I won't insult you on day 1(2). Probably the most valid question of 27 days of blogging that I have asked myself is this.  What in gods name will you write about every day?

Last year via the book of faces, I made a vow to not complain out loud on social media.  As humans, it feels like we are all embedded with a "worst side of everything" gene and are driven to bring up the worst things about the world.  Let me be clear, that my vow not to complain didn't mean that I didn't have shit that I wanted to blast about, but rather it was an exercise in restraint, to always think a little bit (emphasis on "little") before I posted.  I am pretty sure I wasn't 100% successful in this vow, as can be seen by  this from just yesterday.  I mean, I don't know if this counts as complaining or not, but if nothing else the last year has taught me to be creative and light hearted with my complaints, and when in doubt I just say, "Oh well, I am human."  I bring this up because I am going to try and keep this blog the same way.  As I look through my FB newsfeed, there is a whole lot of first world bitching going on, and I'm not going to add to it.  I won't be shy, however, about calling things like I see them.  Sometimes that may veer into the negative, but hopefully not in a whiny way.

So what does that leave us for entertainment fodder?  I mean, if we can't complain about Miley Cyrus' crotch shots and how she is single handedly turning us into communists, then what can we talk about?  Below is my growing short list of things that will "count" as a post.

1. typed up words on a theme 2. Video blogs 3.  Song/video (of my composing) 4.  Reblogs of pertinent content with commentary.

Here is my list of topics so far

1.  Healthy eating stuff 2. Fitness/racing 3.  Cooking 4.  Scathing political and religious commentary 5.  Letters to Santa 6.  Hate mail to Senators 7.  Love letters to strangers 8.  Product reviews 9.  Port o potty/Poop stories 10.  Everything else not covered above.  (But math, math is boring as shit and no one wants to talk about it.)

So 2 days down.  26 to go.

And there will be selfless…lots of selfless.



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DAY 2: The Running Event-TOP 13 of 2013

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