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DAY 3: Never underestimate your story.

DAY 3: Never underestimate your story.


Stories are powerful.  True stories even more so.  True stories of strangers can move us, but true stories of those we meet in person, can change lives. A few years ago I met with a friend who does some business coaching.  In our first days he told me point blank that I had an amazing story and that I should be telling it more.  Let's be clear, I am okay with attention.  In fact, if you were scoring at home, you may notice that I am not shy about drawing it either.  What I have never really done though was be relentless in telling my story ad nauseum to people, because, quite frankly, from where I sit, it isn't very amazing.  What I have come to realize however is that the vast majority of people want to be inspired, and what may seem like "nothing" to me, can be a call to action for others.

If you thought I was about to tell my story, sorry, not today.  It still seems very run of the mill.  I think this is because I know a lot of people who have similar, if not better ones.  Plus, we have 25 more days of this experiment, and I am going to have a day when I am flat, and, I'll dig deep on that day.  No, what the rest of this post will have to do with is you.  You have something to say, and a unique story to tell about your fitness journey.  It may be an endurance story in which you flipped the switch and have begun training to become healthier.  Perhaps you were multiple 10's of pounds overweight or a former smoker.  Maybe you are a former collegiate athlete?  Maybe you are just looking for a story to follow.  My advice to all of you is to share it.  Everyone has a story, and every story has value.  You never know who you might inspire to try something that they thought impossible.

This is different from just announcing to the world how fast you are or aren't.  Which, while it can be interesting, most of the time its very much a moment in time story.  No, people want to hear why you did it, how did you push through?  What obstacles have you overcome? Dig deep.  Face the truth yourself, and share with someone.  It need not be an auditorium full of people.  It can be a family member or co-worker.  Temper it, be honest, don't brag.  Tell them why you do it.

And always ask, how can I help you create your own fitness story?

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