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Movember-you're creeping me out

For the last 2 years I have participated in Movember.  In a nutshell (no pun intended), it is the annual growing of a moustache (mo) to raise awareness for men's cancers, aka ball health.  This year we encouraged the participants of the Goldenfliers 5&10 mile race to do so as well.  The bonus is you get to creep people out for a month or so as you grow the Mo as most people (me included) end up concocting some sort of biker/criminal looking moustache.  Below you will find this years  entry.

Now how much ball health/awareness I really achieved (beyond an acute awareness of my own) remains to be seen, but it really is a good time and we did raise a few hundred $$ for the Livestrong. Plus you get to find out who you know is a pogonophobic, which comes in handy.   To boot, Rocket Racing is matching the $'s raised by participants and we are going to work on turning this into a gala event next year.

The countdown to December 1st at my house was highly anticipated (by my loving wife) as this coincided with the shaving of the mo.  However, sometime during the night I read a FB update that said Movember would continue through the first of the year.  This was met with scorn and backlash from my wife and many others that I passed on this good news to.    Alas, I did not hold out.  Sometimes the health of your balls requires a cleanly shaved face....

Movember-you're creeping me out (via Patrick Fellows)