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DAY 15: Stuck?  Start with baby steps again

DAY 15: Stuck? Start with baby steps again


Some days the ideas for blogging are numerous.  Some days, not so much.  The big takeaway I have  from this 27 day blogging challenge is that if you start, even with just a few words, you will get moving.  This is the same with just about everything. Nothing in this blog has been too terribly earth shattering.  What I mean is that like most things in life, we are simply regurgitating ideas that have been around for a while.  What can be earth shattering, however, is how you individually spin it.  One can never know where you, the reader is in life.  Mundane to you can equal meaningful to others.  What seems repetitive and common sense to me as I type, can be just what someone else needed on that given day.

What I mean is this.  I'll tell you over and over and over again to just take the first step.  This is because it works.

Today, I had nothing to say.  Nothing.  I just sat here looking at the screen.  But I started this with the title "Stuck?"  It couldn't have been more literal.

I always want these entries to be compelling, but sometimes, I have to be content with a snippet and a hope that for today, I reach one person with one simple idea.  Take the first step.  Maybe this is just writing a single goal down.  It doesn't have to be running a marathon or writing a novel or fixing every broken relationship you have.  It can be "move more this year," "write one page," or "pick up the phone and call that person."  Take one single baby step.

Last year (or maybe the one before that) I enlisted the help of a friend Amy to help me push my writing.  She is a writer for both local and national publications and has interviewed me a few times for 225 Magazine.  I agreed to send her something every single day for a couple weeks.  It ranged from songs, to a poem for my daughter, to the beginnings of a story.  I emailed her something every single day.  I can't remember why I quit.  Starting this  challenge reminded me, that sometimes, you just have to take those first baby steps.

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DAY 16: The Turn Off

DAY 16: The Turn Off

DAY 14: Music: Rittner

DAY 14: Music: Rittner