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DAY 18: running at the equator

DAY 18: running at the equator


Sometimes we disregard common sense. And by we I mean me. Yesterday I awoke in Costa Rica and had 2 things on my list to do before i commenced with "lumping on the beach". Catch a run and update some training plans.

Found the Internet cafe and found it lack in the "cafe" department but banged out some work and headed out to the pool to make sure the kids were ordering themselves beers or whatever and headed out to run.

For those who don't have google maps dialed in for this particular part of the world. It sits damn near on the equator and was formed from volcanos. Aka mountains.

It was warm when I left but it was a dry heat. Well it was 90. But there was a nice breeze.

My route started with what felt like a straight up climb but I knew it was the only way out. Then it got easy. Couple miles in and things started heading north. Like to the top of the world.

I stayed chipper and kept rolling up the hills, dodging cars who are not used to seeing dumb Americans running up mountains at high noon. Still had a nice breeze and thought, "Hmm I can feel my heart beating in my eyes. That's odd."

Over the top of a half mile long hill I ran. I had told myself that I was running an easy 6 miles and I still had .18 to go. "Yay look at me. I'm not going to turn around until I hit 3 miles."

I get to the bottom of what must be considered the "Alps of Costa Rica" turned around and the cooking breeze stopped. "hmm that's odd." Well no loafing. Up I went.

Locals looked at me like I was insane. Reality was setting in. It was not a dry heat after all. I saw a cyclist. Then I passed a cyclist walking his bike. "In your face I thought as I hammered out 13 min miles."

To the top again and "What's that fuzziness around the corners of my eyes?" Must be awesomeness seaping out. Down down down. Smooth again and then it turned up. Ruh roh.

The last climb was another half mile and apparently since you are reading this, I made it. I walked straight to the pool and actual steam came off me as I hit the water. I made quick work of 17 beers or so and started feeling normal. Well as normal as possible.

I'll be taking this adventure again tomorrow but maybe at 6 am instead of noon.

Happy running.


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