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DAY:1all over again-I'm Back

DAY:1all over again-I'm Back


27 days build a habit.  That was the premise I started out with when I jumped back into blogging back in December.  To some extent, it worked.  I was diligent and got something in every day, even while out of the country on vacation and was working off of a phone. By day 37 I had to stop.  I was shot.  Not just mentally, but physically too.  January is the busiest month of the year for me.  I have to travel my whole territory for work as well as put on the Louisiana Marathon.  I got through it, but barely.

What I found during this time, was that my blog entries became lame.  Like extended bad status updates.  I enjoy writing, and am hard on myself when the content is lacking.  I decided I needed to rethink, reload and relaunch.

27 days…this is the # of days since I blogged last.  I haven't once logged into Wordpress or even started an ill fated post.  I have thought about it, but no action.  One of my posts in January talked a bit about junk posts and how the act of writing more made the good posts better and the bad ones, not so bad.  I still believe that to be true, BUT as I looked through a lot of the post interactions, bad posts don't accelerate.  By day 37 the bad outweighed to good.

I am committed to this though.  For a few reasons.

One, I really enjoy writing.  Music was an outlet for this creativity for a long time, but I don't have the spark for that right now.  I do like getting the ideas out of my head, and I find satisfaction when a post reaches someone and they get a lift from it.

Second, this is a place to test ideas and start conversations.

Third, it is simple and somewhat therapeutic.  We as a society, move to fast.  The discipline it takes to stop, sit down, craft an idea or argument and put it out there is fulfilling and somehow calming.  I need that in my life.  We all need that.  Getting it out of the head is calming for anyone.

So today we start again.  Day 1.  Thanks to those of you that have asked if I am going to start blogging again, or reached out to let me know you missed it.

My goal is to post M-W-F by 9 a.m.  I read somewhere in bloggingland, that telling you when is important.

See you Wednesday.


Called out...and gettin social

Called out...and gettin social

Gone fishing

Gone fishing