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What if every day…

What if every day…


How would you behave if you were the best in the world at what you do?-Marie Forleo We are bombarded with quotes everyday.  Bombarded.  Face smashed with them.  Some good, a lot bad, many misquoted, and some stick with you.  I have been guilty of posting some I am sure.  I have made a concerted effort to not quote anyone, but to try and come up with my own views of the world.  Most of the time they are as profound as "TALK LESS, DO MORE," or "TRAIN HARD.  DON'T SUCK." and finally, this nugget of efficiency, "DO MORE SH*T!"

I saw the above and took a screen shot of it from my phone.  I think I know who posted it, but I'm not positive.  I had no idea who this Marie Forleo was, but this quote helped me.  So much so that I am not only passing it on, I have taken it, and added to it, and come up with my own version.  Similar, yet tweaked.

"What would you do differently today in your job, as a parent, and for yourself, if you were considered the best (insert your job here) in the world? Why aren't you doing it?"

Yes it's semantics, and it's essentially the same thing, but my version is meant to keep you on track and if I am honest, it keeps me honest.  What I mean is that if I say the above and I am doing something other than what I would consider to be "best in class" at a certain task, I am letting myself, and therefore, everyone else down.

Harsh?  Perhaps.  I don't think I am hitting "all world" status on any of the metrics today, but what I have found is that if I ask myself my version of that question, it at the least, centers me and cuts through the BS and excuses, and I get back on track.

Think of it as an in house call out to quit feeling sorry for yourself/hating your job/faking it/doing just enough to get by reminder.


Have a great weekend.



Hello, Is it me you're looking for.

Hello, Is it me you're looking for.

The #1 thing holding us all back

The #1 thing holding us all back