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Easter gift


On Tuesday of this week, my daughter Paige came home from her youth groups music rehearsal for the Easter Sunrise service. She asked me if I would play guitar with them...on Sunday.  The answer of course is yes. 

She made me a playlist of the songs and I spent a little time working through the songs. I’d get 2 hours practice on Saturday. What could possibly go wrong. 

On Saturday I arrived to find out that things could actually go wrong as I learned 2 of the 3 songs in the wrong key. Really not too bad but being a non music based musician means telling me things like “it’s in the key of D means there’s a D in it somewhere. Close enough for rock. 

Jokes aside, the practice went well enough and this morning was what I hope to be the first of many times playing with my daughter. I know my half brother gets to play with his daughter and know now how special it is. 

Today I’m so immensely proud of her and thankful she’d want me to be a part. 

Really not much more you can ask for as a dad. 



Shirt hater

Don’t call it a comeback