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Aim higher!


I wrote a whole post about me noticing things. It’s a gift I share with you once again. This time, I noticed perhaps the laziest, least thought out business name I’ve seen in recent memory. As a rule this list is usually a business with a “K” used for a “C” or the addition of “And More!” to any noun. No one has ever been able to adequately define what “and more” even is and Krazy Kutz sounds like a great place to get a mullet.

At the end of a 5+ hour trip to Tuscaloosa we made the final turn towards our accommodations in Tuscaloosa. 2 miles and we could relax for the evening. There in the afternoon sun was the sign. Not a great sign. Not a bad sign.  An adequate sign for ADEQUATE MINI STORAGE. 

Now I get it. Mini storage isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t need some crazy inventive branding or name to sell what it is, but good goddamn. “Adequate” is the best you could do?  The whole world is littered with superlatives arbitrarily attached to things. “Worlds Finest Chocolates”(I doubt it), “TCBY”, (maybe in Croatia). You could have been Tuscaloosa’s Best Mini Storage and I woulda said, “Bold proclamation, but I like his attitude.” But no. In a world of small metal garages. Yours are adequate. 

Yes, I know I am sounding more and more like an old person, but this just bugs me. All you have in life is your brand and if this is the effort you’re going to put out then you’re gonna get adequate results. This goes for you as much as a mini storage place in Tuscaloosa. 

So be Super Karen from Accounting, or Ted the Man from The Bronx, but for Gods sake aim higher than “adequate.”

We also saw a street named DICK HAGLER. I’ll just let that be. 



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