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Chinese spoons


I ran 10 miles yesterday morning so for the last 9 hours of the day I just was eating everything. This included the last of the ice cream (take that kids!). While I was getting ready to set my kids up for disappointment, I pulled a spoon out of the drawer. An obviously Chinese spoon. 

Somehow we are a family that consistently loses spoons. It’s as perplexing as it is aggravating. Not the big spoons. The little ones. The ones you use for everything you eat because what kind of an asshole uses one of those giant tablespoons to eat ice cream?  A giant one with a large mouth. That’s what kind. 

One day a month or so ago I was at the restaurant supply store and decided to put a stop to this lack of spoonage in my home and I grabbed a pack of a dozen spoons for the low low price of $3.29. Yes. Three hundred and twenty nine pennies for spoons, made in China, secured with 2 small rubber bands, wrapped with a label and then shrink wrapped. 

Three dollars and twenty-nine cents is apparently how much it costs to hammer out 12 teaspoons. It pays the labor for said hammering and it pays for the packaging. Broken down per spoon, that’s .27 per spoon. 

Twenty seven pennies a spoon to travel 7860 miles to arrive to the Restaurant Depot in Baton Rouge, LA. I can’t even break down the math to figure out how much the shipping is on this, but know that there is enough profit at $3.29 to justify it. 

This is insanity.  I’m no economist, but I think if I called my friend Madeline who makes jewelry, she’d quote me more than $3.29 for just the materials on one spoon. (I’ll ask and get back to us).

So here I am, looking at this one spoon and getting ready to eat the rest of the ice cream. I am considering all of the above and wondering how this Chinese spoon got here and I’m thinking I don’t trust this spoon. This has nothing to do about trusting China because, really, I’ve never distrusted any other made in China town. It’s because every time I pull out one of these spoons I consider all of these absurdities and I always think. 

This spoon is made of some kind of cancerous causing metal. It just has to be at that price. 

I take the spoon to the den and eat my ice cream. 


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