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Man boobs


Today I’m going to teach you something. Well maybe. Maybe not. If nothing else you’ll realize something and take a new path. Yesterday I flippantly told a friend one of my greatest fears. I may have been lying. Or maybe not. It’s about getting man boobs. 

Before you get all “you’re being insensitive to guys that have man boobs,” hold the freaking door. I’ve had em. I might be on the verge of having them again. I can tell you. No one loves them. 

The female boob, well most people can at least agree that they appreciate it in many forms. Never once has any one uttered (or is it uddered),”those man boobs are hot.”  Fair or not, it’s just how it is

But per the usual. This post isn’t about man boobs. It’s about the fear of man boobs. Of which I am afflicted, and I’m not even joking. I was a fat kid who had a set. I hated it. And hated myself because of it. So yes. I train for Ironman to go faster, but in the back of my mind is also the “you’d better keep training or you’re going to get man boobs” fear, just lingering around. 

This post is about us knowing what we should and need to do, but never do. 

Then easiest way to defend man boobs, beyond aerobic work to burn man boob fat, is strength work. Minimally, pushups. Maximally, I’m sure there’s 40 different “chest day” exercises, of which I do zero. 

I’ve done 1000 pushups in one week in 2016. Since then I’ve done 300...maybe. Not in a week. 

This is about misguided fear and how we all know the steps to combat them, Yet we do nothing. I had a nice set of man boobs in 1986-87. I clearly still remember them, and yet me, Mr. Fitness guy does nothing to fight them away. Typical. We all have shit we fear and do nothing about. I’m not going to join LA Fitness and rock chest day or anything. but maybe I’ll do some pushups. 

You should too. 


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