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Monday on a Tuesday.

One of the comments left on my post about being fed up with glorifying failure was from a friend of mine Lori. Her dad is coaching legend Skip Bertman, winner of 5 college World Series titles. She didn’t make any comments about Coach, but it made me think about Coaching and how we speak about achieving goals and such. To further my point, in sport there’s only winning and losing (ties are the same thing)  so there’s a chance at failing every game.  Even so and even with every cliche that’s out there (“we have to play till the last out.”) I can’t imagine any truly successful coach talking about failing before the game. It makes no freaking sense. 

Do you think Coach Bertman or any Coach worth his salt would start out his practices with “we are going to concentrate on failing forward this week guys!”  Seems ludicrous. This isn’t to say that they wouldn’t find a lesson in loss, but they wouldn’t lead with that mindset and you shouldn’t either. 

A lot of times I put these posts up and the intent is great and your feedback is greater, but it’s two days later and your about to embark on a Monday occurring on. A Tuesday. Have you already backslid to a negative default?  I know when the alarm went off this morning, I almost did. 

In honor of kicking Monday on a Tuesday square in the dick, here’s some reminders to set your mind in the right direction. Hope your day is great. 

-You can control the day by being proactive. 

-Successes biggest driver is consistency. Start today with a quick list of momentum building acts. 

-Spread a positive attitude to 5 strangers today. 

-If you feel things starting to slide. Call a timeout and address. Slowly start back.  

-Be grateful for the good in your life. 

-Refuse to quit. 

-Remind yourself of a goal you have and take one action towards it before bed tonight. 

-when in doubt. Grind. 



Not today.

Labor Day.