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A good book


I feel like I read a lot. Like a whole lot more than the average American, and not just stupid shit on my phone, though probably a lot of stupid shit as well. Who am I kidding?

I still buy books. Prefer them actually and I think a lot of people still do.  I say all of this because I read an article about author/journalist/writer Chuck Klosterman who said he thought one day we’d come to a point where we would long for people to look at their phones because we will have some sort of corneal implant and just stare into space. While this is an insane thought, did you ever think you’d have instantaneous  access to all of the info in the world in one handheld object?  I mean I heard this as a Star Wars idea, but here we are. But I still want a book. 

A real one. With paper, that I’m sure to get wet and underline shit in (I read with a pencil a lot). 

I’ve read maybe 30 books or so on an iPad and it’s okay to just read text. But to digest a book. I want the feel of paper and hardback. The smell of it. Sometimes musty, but always distinct. I want it to look worn if I’ve read it and I want to put it on a shelf to never read it again. 

Of all the things of my youth I wish I would have left home from college/post college years, a leather bound copy of The Lord of the Rings still kind of haunts me. I don’t know if I lost it my house fire or just lost it. Either or, while I don’t even know if I’d read it again, I wish I still had it. Maybe (but I doubt it) it’s somehow still in my mom’s attic. I’ll check next time I’m home. 

I love the idea of a home office/library filled with cool books, but does anyone have that anymore?  In our world of zero lot line open concepts, is this even a thing?  My version of a man cave would be a room with music equipment, possibly a place to train and a wall of bookshelves filled with cool shit. 

I still want to write a book too. This, while technically of book-like length and likely similar in content to what I may one day write, will never replace saying “I wrote a book, here’s a copy, I’d love for you to read it.” 

So there’s a hurricane coming. I hope you have a good book or two. 


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