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Welcome!  I’ve been waiting for you.  Well, that may be a touch theatrical, but, nonetheless, I’ve been looking for you.  I wanted to take a few minutes today to let you know what this is all about. Well, try to anyway.  I’m sometimes not really sure I know the answer.

Seriously though, whether you’ve read this before or this is your first time, I wanted to take some time to “clean things up” on both my blog page as well as how I share things on IG.

On Monday, it will be 5 months that I have been writing every day.  148 posts, loosely related, and sometimes completely random. The first post was on January 3rd.  One part resolution, one part on depression, and one part about starting.

I’ve talked about starting a lot.  I’d go back and count all the posts that reference starting over or the like, but to do so would be an immense pain in my ass.  This is because the platform I started this blog on, while easy to use, it’s not easy to have a list of all the posts in one place.  So if you are just joining us, going back and finding the gems among the turds, its cumbersome at best.

I’ll go ahead and warn you today that tomorrow will be all of those posts in one post.  Listed in order if you ever care to go back and easily find them. I’m hoping I can pin that post to the top.  We shall see.

If you are reading on Instagram, this process will change a little on Monday too.  I’ll be creating a “linkibio” page that will essentially be the same pictures with a redirect link to the actual blogsite I put my content.  Yes and extra step, and I know I may lose a few of you. I hope not.

Instagram has been difficult for me because I am an old person and the internets are hard to work.  Seriously though, at one point last year I had 5 different IG accounts and it seemed like I was following all the same people on most of them, or at the very least, I had most people covered.  Turns out I didn’t have a lot of people and in these times,not following someone back can look as a slight. I mean how can I expect you to come along on this trip if I don’t reciprocate. So I followed everyone I could.  If I missed you, know this is about as good as I can do, not sorry.

If you are new to reading and  wondering why the Instagram is mostly poorly framed selfies of me, here’s the explanation.  When I started writing, I realized that when the blog shared to Facebook and Linkedin, the same background pic that is in the “about” section of the blog would always show up.  This just made it look like I was sharing the same BS every day. An easy fix was a selfie so at the least it would be a different pic. I simply carried it over to IG. I mean I love me some me, but even I’m not that narcissistic.  

Weekly, people tell me I should be monetizing all this fantastic content (this is sracasm if you are new here, get used to it).  Really though that has always felt kind of dirty to me. That being said, I’d love to figure out how to do some of that. So I am adding a gear section to the page.  It currently houses, a project my design friend Matt Dawson and I started last year, but soon realized we didn’t have time to do correctly.  So if you’d like a whipass trucker hat, get one. There may be other opportunities to support this along the way, but know from my end, that it will be along the lines of cool products and maybe a click through to Amazon or something.  The ads you may see are all to support friends endeavors at this point. We get sold enough shit, I don’t need to add too much to that.

My final thoughts are about the “everyday” nature of this.  For months I have done it every day. The reasons are simple.  In the past when I wrote I’d do three days in a row and then the 3 weeks would pass, then 7 months.  Daily/publicly became my internal writing call, and I will be doing my best to maintain that. If you have something you’d like my slant on, leave a comment.  I’ll tell you now that I won’t be getting into politics, religion or sex because, well, that’s just a bad idea.

Have a great Saturday!


Luke warm?

Luke warm?

This is lame.

This is lame.