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Welcome to July. Well, welcome to the end of July. It seems like just yesterday was January. I sure am afraid that one day I’ll be saying “new year, new me” and then I’ll be 89 and keel over dead and still be wondering if we are going to get an instruction manual for this trip. I mean I guess I could write one for y’all, but that seems pretty presumptuous, even for me.

A chapter or bullet point in that manual would be learning the art of giving yourself a timeout. Just like a toddler, we all need to know when to go sit in the corner for a few, either to cool off, consider our ways, or just blow off steam.

I thought about this because earlier this week, I gave myself a timeout from this. Not because I got mad at it or that I was being punished, but more because my mood was shit and I didn’t want to bore you with the details, or the complaining, or whatever I would have put out in that headspace. Baby steps (I’m stealing this for the name of my book one day, Groundhog Day can sue me).

So I just waited a bit (3 days) and TA-DAH!!! My mood improved. Seems like a legit way to deal with things so I’m passing it on to you, faithful reader, as we can all use a little unsolicited Thursday advice.

If you are in a bad mood, refrain from commenting. Call a timeout.
If you are stressed the fuck out, refrain from making snap decisions. Call a timeout.
If you’re pissed off. Call a timeout.

It may only take a minute, or three days, or a week. I promise you’ll be much more happy with your results.


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