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We're All Gonna Die!!!

We're All Gonna Die!!!


I probably could have just said yesterday was a twofer and called it a day, but what’s the fun in that.  Besides, there’s always more stuff out there to talk trash about or to, or heretofore. You get the point.  Apparently we should all do some trash talking now, because the world’s going to end in 31 years anyway.

This was the little piece of internet internet phlegm I was greeted with at 4:07 this morning.  Climate change, economic collapse, civilization ending. Can I have a cup of coffee first please.

Granted this was a Vice article, and I’m sure I’m either supposed to accept it as rote or completely ignore it, but it’s 4:08, I have no coffee and I can’t decide which course of action is correct.  I quickly pull up Fail Army and try and comprehend how people don’t die from their impromptu full body flops off of high cliffs. Soothed, I make my way back to the coffee maker.

It’s no wonder we are all a freaking mess.  It’s not enough that we are inundated with information and the .10 second news cycle.  It’s that everything has become over the top dire. If I’m honest though, from the appearance of the lack of anyone taking any climate change serious without doom, the headlines might need to start reading “WORLD TO END BY THE END OF THIS ARTICLE.”  Not that we’d listen.

We are immune because everything is supersized, and catastrophic, and our best lives, and we’re all gonna die, all the effing time.  I mean, that and now we don’t have a clue if any news is actually true.

I once went on a complete rant about the word amazing.  In short, “if everything is amazing, nothing is amazing.”  People got pissy because I was ruining things. Not sorry.

Through it all though, I am remaining mostly calm.  I mean I got it out of me over the above paragraphs, but I have learned to just ignore the doom and gloom, because I have to worry about other shit day in and day out.  Like loving my wife and kids, and riding bikes and running with my friends, and trying to sell healthy food so people’s lives are better, and helping my fellow man, and ignoring the hell out of the news….

It’s a dirty job, but I’ll take it.


There’s always a chasm

Fully Caffeinated...and then some.

Fully Caffeinated...and then some.