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The week in review!


One of the big reasons I  have constantly started and stopped writing over the years is the notion that number one. I am not saying anything that  hasn’t already been said, and further that to that idea, that I am rehashing those same ideas ad nauseum. So on this Saturday morning I decided to go back over the last 10 days and review what I’ve written and copy and paste my favorite lines from each week. Lazy?  Maybe. I haven’t started so I don’t know if the following will be awesome or not. 

DAY ONE: January-“I am forcing myself through a lens of objectivity and honesty while letting the focus ebb and flow to how my mind works, persistent though, to keep coming back to the steps needed to improve. “

DAY TWO: Streaking! 

STEP 4:  Map out how you are going to achieve this one goal always starting with THE FIRST NEXT STEP.

DAY THREE: The Greatest Decade (for rock one hit wonders)- Yeah we got Pearl Jam, but we also got Crash Test Dummies.

DAY 4: Not the Best - 

Today I will try and ask myself “is what I’m producing genuine, true to the best of my knowledge and created to the best of my ability? ” If so. I’ll throw it out into the ether and hope someone gets something out of it

DAY 5: Uncozy-A bad workout always trumps no workout. It’s like free adderal and it sets up your day for success. 

DAY 6: 9 Minutes-But this 9 mins is great because it represents what daily discipline means. These 9 mins represent what it takes to change. These 9 mins matter a little more because I could have CHOSEN to not start.

DAY 7: You knew it all along-HONESTY. Simple. Brutal.  Self honesty. We hold the way out by looking in the mirror and deciding that today “If I am honest, and I want to change “x”, I have to do it.”

DAY 8: Life is lived 90% in the grey between our black and white decisions and “more honest” is better than “less”.

DAY 9: Make Space-Make space to be quiet for 5-10 mins every day.  

As I review, it’s clear I have the greatest and best ideas ever (sarcasm) and It flows like a New York Times Best seller. It looks as though the thoughts, while similar, were different enough to justify writing another day.

Thanks for visiting and reading. I do appreciate it, and have a great weekend


We won’t read the end

Make space