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One day is a start, two days is streaking…

Okay, I won’t get carried away, and I know from experience that trying to blog every day, for me, is likely unsustainable. I mean how much could I possibly have to say that you’d want to hear about? Let me go ahead and answer for you. Not a lot.

Not mentioned in yesterday’s post was much about goals, actual resolutions or any of that. I did’t do that on purpose really as much as in an effort to try and make changes that stick, I am taking my time coming up with things that will keep me on track.

Over the years, I have sat down many a time with a pencil and paper (I always prefer pencil), to make a list of GOALS!! Almost every damn time I do it feels hollow. Like I am writing down things for the sake of writing them down. There’s a zero point zero chance they will be achieved. Well, maybe two point zero, but minimal.

With regards to physical goals, the past few years have been like going through the motions and this is the trap of becoming physically fit and doing more challenging goals. Once you do a longer race, you lose the fear of not achieving that goal, and what’s sometimes left is going faster, which in the world of goals is an immensely larger commitment for what turns out to be smaller and smaller returns and in turn, satisfaction.

The same can be said about monetary or any other self improvement goals. We set them like the shit’s just gonna start happening the next day.

This year, I am taking a multiple step approach to goals. So far it has yielded things that challenge me more, have more meaning and in turn will hopefully yield achievement and satisfaction. Grab you a pencil and paper, and give it a whirl.

STEP 1: Write down a list of any goals you think you want to work towards this year. Nothing is too big, nothing is out of bounds.

STEP 2: Walk away from the list. Let it marinate over a day or two, BUT over that day or two, go back and look at the list to see which items pop off as still intriguing. Think of all the steps that will have to be taken to actually make a goal achievable and spend a couple days working on THE VERY FIRST STEP FOR ONE OF THEM. For me, this has been the KEY STEP. STEPPING AWAY to gain clarity and focus, as well as seeing if I could do one small part to achieve the larger parts (aka this post, one run, a day eating better).

STEP 3: Go back to the first list and see which ones you are really willing to commit to, and then choose ONE. It need not be the biggest, or the hardest, just the one you know you can commit to.

STEP 4: Map out how you are going to achieve this one goal always starting with THE FIRST NEXT STEP.

STEP 5: During the first full week of taking the daily steps for goal one, revisit the firs list. See which item speaks to you.


For me STEP 2 is the biggest one. During this time of trying THE NEXT FIRST STEP for one goal, you will see how hard and or usually, how easy it is. You will also realize that it takes a little planning to for just THE FIRST NEXT STEP. This is key because it allows you to see the small daily habit adjustments you are going to have to make. For me, spending quiet time away from distractions has helped with this a lot.

I’m pretty sure the whole world does what I do. During the holidays, we have time to think about all the things we want to change. It’s a time of renewal and resolutions. I applaud it. Our unknowing self sabotage is that we come up with a list of 1-6 things we want to change or achieve, never think through how we are going to do it, start willy nilly, shit the bed and give up. By taking our time and starting with ONE STEP towards ONE GOAL before piling on, we give ourselves a shot at making real change.


Hugs + hi5s


The greatest decade (for rock one hit wonders)

The greatest decade (for rock one hit wonders)