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The greatest decade (for rock one hit wonders)

The greatest decade (for rock one hit wonders)

The 90s were a fickle time. The same acceptance of REM as a mainstream act led to Limp Biskit being played on the radio. So much for musical glasnost. You deserve this

Every decade has its share of one hit wonders and the 80s may have be more “pop” oriented, but as far as rock goes. The 90s ruled supreme. 

I don’t think there’s ever been as much of a dominance over one genre by one hit wonders than during the years 94-00, as the music world scrambled to sign the next Nirvana.  Yeah we got Pearl Jam, but we also got Crash Test Dummies.  I could just stop here and my point would be proven…but that’s no fun.

Back when I was writing, I used to use lists a ton. Just feels right. Also, know that I don’t give this stuff too much thought. My qualifications for these songs that you still hear on the radio, but would likley be unable to name a single other song by them, or a member of the band. Yes you can add comments about their sophomore effort, but I’m not reading them so whatever.

They are in no particular order.

  1. Tell me on your thoughts on God- Dishwalla….yes the name is Counting Blue Cars, but I knew you wouldn’t remember that about them either.

  2. Flagpole Sitta-Harvey Danger- Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding

  3. The Freshman-The Verve Pipe-For the life of me, I cannot remember a single other song by this band.

  4. Possum Kingdom-Toadies-Okay, I remember they had a female bass player that was fond of hockey jerseys…weren’t we all fond of them in 1995?

  5. Inside Out-Eve 6-This may be the single greatest 90’s one hit wonder song. It’s still a great song, and I still know no other Eve 6 songs.

  6. Closing Time-Semisonic-Yes, my wife and I made out to this song, at closing time. Still a great song to play when you want your middle aged friends to leave your house.

  7. Song 2-Blur- WOOO HOOOO!! It’s also 2:02 long. By far the shortest ear worm of the list.

  8. Tomorrow-Silverchair-The deepest voice known on a supposed 13 year old. Australian so it’s extra cool

  9. In the Meantime-Spacehog-I still love the name of this band.

  10. Torn-Natalie Imbruglia-I was not so secretly in love with her.

  11. The Breeders-Cannonball-Kim and Kelly Deal’s awesome Dayton, OH musical experiment. Was going great until Kim fell the rest of the way into heroin addiction.

  12. I Nearly Lost You-Screaming Trees-Made me feel like I could play in a grunge band too. This and Better Than Ezra made the C7 chord nearly almost kinda famous.

Well there you have it. Judgement free and just the facts. I hope your weekend is filled with relistening to some of these.

Hugs + hi5s and caesar haircuts!!


Not the best…

Not the best…