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1 step back and the brain freeze

It has been bound to happen. I had had 12 positive weeks in a row and was due a setback of some sort. I am sitting in bed sick and unable to train. Not the end of the world, just frustrating.

Last weekend I swam my longest workout to date, 19000 yards. I planned on swimming it outside but I had to swim it in the pool at crawfish after as a test I swam in the outdoor pool on Thursday that week. It was in a word, freezing. I put on my wetsuit and dipped into the pool. I thought to myself, this is cold, but i just need to get used to it. It is always cold to start out, but your hands and feet go numb. After a minute or so your face gets numb and you are good to go. Well at least in theory. I go in and the hands went numb, i start swimming and my face feels like a hundred frozen ice picks are jamming into my eyes. For some reason it hurts worse because of the speed at which I am swimming. If I just put my face in it is cold, but as i start swimming it is like i am haveing a brain freeze from the outside in. Flipturns are the worst as when I push off it is like someone is poking around my eyes and forehead with chunks of ice. I endure this for about 5 minutes and say to heck with it. I will swim tomorrow. So I hop out and swim 6000 on Saturday. On Sunday, Dr. Rip opened the pool for me at 5 and I started swimming. I knew that I couldn't just get in and go. For some reason, it is hard to get in and not count laps when you are in a pool. I combatted this by swimming 30X600's 10 swim 10 pull 5 swim 5 pull, for 18,000 yards. My goal was a 4.5 hour swim so I got done with the 18000 and had 23 minutes left. Talk about killing me. I floundered around for another 1000 and called it a day. Actually felt okay after so went home and watched the super bowl with friends. I could have cared less about the game, but got to hang out and relax, so it was nice.

The next week (last week) was odd. I took off Monday as i was whipped from the swim Sunday. On Tuesday, work stuff got in the way of training and I found myself getting into the pool at 6:00 p.m. I swam about 3100 and went home. I just didn't care, and I hate swimming in the evening. I know people fit stuff in whenever, but for whatever reason, I never swim well at night. I woke up Wednesday and got in 8000. It was a tough workout mentally, but i got through it and was happy. Shelly gave me some sped work on Thursday and felt better again. Yesterday, I tried to get up at 4:30 and knew it wasn't happening. I am congested and my body aches all over. No swimming again. I am taking off Sat and Sun and will swim 5 hours Monday. Should be interesting.

Felt like a pro athlete the other day, when I received a package of Endurox, Accelerade, and Accel Gels. It was actually kind of cool. I don't know why I was so stoked. I told my friend Susan I felt like a pro when I opened up the box and she said, "You didn't feel that way when you got a wetsuit?" For some reason not as much. Strange isn't it. I am still trying to figure out how to be a pro athlete at the age of 35. HAHA! Yeah right.

We are getting closer to nailing down the format of the camps for this summer. It is looking like we will be trying to offer 3-4 3 day camps free for a couple hundred kids. We just need money. I am continually frustrated with all I have on my plate. The charity and fund raising itself is a full time job, as is training and, oh yeah, my full time job. I can only do so much. I am pushing forward as best I can. If any of you reading this have experience and a little time, let me know as I need help. My email is Feel free to shoot me any ideas you have.


FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office- There are few things in this world that make me laugh out loud. This show makes me laugh out loud weekly. If you use iTunes you can download Podcasts by Ricky Gervais, the British comedian who originated this show. That is also some funny stuff if you like dry and or British humor.

MUSIC: Usually I reccomend some sort of album or band. For the last week I have been listening to this one song over and over. Run by SNOW PATROL. They have a hit right now that I am unaware of the name. This song is from their last album Final Straw. I like it a lot.

NUTRITION: Accelerade and Endurox still. Post swim, as much pizza as I can eat. I must be losing more salt than i realize as I crave it after my workouts. I ate 5lbs of Hot Tamales last week as a part of my scientifically regulated training regime.

COFFEE: Perks, house blend, or Community Between Roast.

Ejoy your weekend,


1 step back and the brain freeze