Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 


12000 m (8miles)
2:51:37 (1:25 pace per 100)

I am stoked to say the least. I swam at a friend Darryl's ski lake today. It is cool because it is 400m one way so it is easy to break it up. The time went by pretty quickly, more so than if in a pool. Had two great support guys, Jody and Ty who rowed in circles for almost 3 hours. I also used watered down Endurox, essentially Accelerade for my nutrition. It seemed to work okay. It is hard to tell as when you swim for 3hrs your shoulders are going to hurt, whether that means your nutrition is working or not, I am unsure. I am most happy about this swim from a heart rate standpoint. Because of the wetsuit i am able to stretch it out and get a lot of distance out of each stroke. This also keeps the heart rate low and makes it easier overall. One negative was how much I had to sight. My neck will be sore tomorrow and i was actually finding it hard to lift my head all the time to make sure I was swimmming straight. I will say this, my speed per 800 picked up when i wasn't swimming all over the place so watching where you are going has its perks. I also feel like I wore a sandpaper necktie for a day or so as even though the DeSoto wetsuit I have has a low neckline and is extremely comfortable, anytime you turn your head to the side 3,000 times in a row you are going to get some chaffage. No worries.

We have some big days coming up from a sponsorship aspect this week. The contact at United States Masters Swimming is going to try and get the Masters Board of Directors on board for our swim and may possibly get it sanctioned. This is parramount to getting teams on board. In addition, I have a preliminary commitment from a guy at Accelerade/Endurox to help in a sponsorship realm. Another call to Times is coming in this week as we will know something one way or another from Nike. Finally, I sent in a sponsorship form to CLIFF bar.

Our website is up but not completely filled with content. It looks great, but know we will have information up this week. There will be a payment gateway for donations, picture, and information on the swim. We will also have t-shirts etc. available. Here is the address:

MUSIC FOR THE WEEK: one of my employees gave me a gift certificate to iTunes and I ended up getting two classics.

U2: Under a Blood Red Sky: I could close my eyes and be transported back to the coast in 1986 driving around town listening to this tape over and over. U2 is the band that got me into music. It was like nothing else I had ever heard. It moved you emotionally. It made you want to be a rock star.

Journey: Greatest Hits: Who doesn't smile when you hear the beginning of "Anyway You Wannt It?". Classic cheese....velveeta style.

2. Book of the week: The Starbucks Experience: % principles for Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary

3. Quote of the week: Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable do nothing. 
William Feather

Have a good week.


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