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big week

35000 m this week. A little over 24 miles. The pool at Crawfish got moved to long course (there is a bulkhead that slides up and done the pool and it goes from 2 25m pools to 1 50m pool. This was of great benefit to me as it really makes you work harder. As the week started out, I had a hard time keeping my intervals, but kept positive and had a great week culminating with today's set 100x100's. My friend Mandy swam it with me. She is awesome and it helps to have someone with you during these swims. We finished in about 2:35-2:40. It showed me a lot about my fitness. Cardiovascualry I was not challenged at all. This is great as this whole swim will hopefully be an aerobic event (i.e. slow and steady). Muscularly I became fatigued as would be expected. I think if I had to put it into a tangible perspective, I could probably swim half way today. This may sound discouraging to some, but I have only been training for two full months so I am extremely happy. I still have 3 months to go. I have upped the distance and have so far remained injury free. I still have two big hurdles with my training. One is to get my nutrition nailed down. I have yet to start really experimenting with different sports drinks in the pool as most of my swims are only about 2 hrs. I can drink gatorade for these short swims. I need to start using something more substantial. I also may start using some recovery drinks to help stay strong. The other need is to swim in open water more. I have tried to schedule two long outside swims, but the weather has been uncooperative. I will try again on new years day or the 2nd. I am going to have to see how much longer I can maintain doing dry lands with the team as I am running of of time daily. I will start doing some core work daily at home. I may look at doing a full body circuit as well. I thought that some people may like to see sample workouts for their own use or just to know what I am doing. Here is today's
100 x 100
10x100 on 1:40 warm up
20x100 on 1:35 swim
10x100 on 1:30 swim
20x100 on 1:30 pull (10 w/ paddles 10 without)
10x100 on 1:35 swim
10x100 on 1:30 pull with paddles
10x100 on 1:30 with fins
Had to run outside and finish as the pool was being filled with kids!
4x100 3 sec rest
300 3 sec rest
200 3 sec rest
200 3 sec rest
100 easy backstroke

As far as other matters are concerned, I am still waiting to hear back from multiple sponsors. It has been a difficult 2 weeks in that regard because I have extra time to work on things, but everyone else is on holiday time. The big push comes on the 2nd.
Here are a couple of more things that I will try and do every week.
1. Favorite meal of week: Burrito on WW tortilla w/ chicken, black beans, cheese, pico, cilantro, corn salsa, jalapenos and chipotle bbq sauce.
2. Music for the week: found some old Dinosaur Jr. I hadn't heard in years, that and a band called Splender.
3. Book I am reading; I read Lynne Cox's Swimming to Antarctica- Stories from a long distance swimmer. Incredible swimming feats. Leaves you knowing anything is possible.
I also got some photos from my shoot. One is above it is after swimming/boiling in a wetsuit for 7000m. Funny.
Have a Happy New Year


big week