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DAY 6: Selfless selfies…..PART I

DAY 6: Selfless selfies…..PART I

Man!  I'm on a roll with this blogging thing.  Not to be over confident, but I'll probably be able to blog every day FOREVER!! Okay, thats a stretch.  I thought that since the last few posts have been a touch intense, that we would lighten the mood a little with some oversharing.

As you may or may not know, I am an unashamed lover of the selfie.  It's just damn fun.  How else are you supposed to know that I am driving down the road with a car packed full of stuff unless you saw this?


I'll tell you how-YOU WOULDN'T.  But every good selfie artist knows that for every masterpiece like this:


There has to be a lot of this:


Really?  I don't even know what the hell I was thinking about here other than "HEY LOOK, I HAVE A POPEYE CHIN AND I MAY OR MAY NOT BE NAKED IN BED!"  Selfies really aren't to blame.  At least I had the good sense not to post the above…I don't think.  I did post the one below:



Nothing creepy about that.  But then I did this, and it almost made up for it.


When traveling abroad, nothing makes you more popular than inserting yourself into peoples lives.  They love it, especially when they are running a marathon, and they don't know what to think about you at all.

324970_10150385869009686_635504685_8202535_475957298_oShe has an octopus on her head, and yet I am getting the stink eye.  This guy looks especially nonplussed:


Anywhoo, the point is, there is a lot of huff and puff about selfless being douchey, but I say isn't it more douchey for me to ask you to take a picture of me doing something inane???

898788_10151601173674686_1556347443_oI'm on FIYAH!!!!!!

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