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That’s gay


I have thought about this for a while. I always try and keep things light when it comes to polarizing issues. This applies to a lot of things. Politics, religion (yes I know I have commented poorly on this) and the issues of the day. A lot of times this has to do with not being super well versed and other times because I truly believe you can do you boo boo. I’m not likely going to change any minds with less than persuasive arguments or name calling. Though I do enjoy some name calling. 

This morning I wrote a brief word of support that will follow this for my business. I’m elaborating on it here as transparency is important to me. It matters that when I say something that it’s represented truthfully. 

I am not perfect. I have in jest and as a child of the 80’s made gay jokes.  I will likely still say something like “that’s gay” or similar. Not defending that or saying it’s cool. I’m saying I’m flawed, I’m saying that it happens. I’m also saying that it has zero to do with my support of anyone in the LGBTQ community. Can those two things happen at the same time?  Yes. They just did. 

I make the above declaration not to absolve myself of how that may have affected someone or by playing it off as “in the 80s we said  that’s gay” all the time.  I have always played the roll of funny guy, a lot of times at the expense of others.  I think it’s called deflection or something. Whatever. All of us in these glass houses can start throwing stones when you see fit. 

I also think we as a culture put too much into “words”.  This is easy as no one has come up with anything really offending for “47 year old white guy.”  Or is that offensive enough.  

We fear and make fun of that which we don’t understand. But I don’t think anyone in the LGBTQ community asked for us to understand. They ask only to be treated equally. To be loved and to be allowed to love whomever they want. To marry that person and have a family if they so

choose. You know. Equal rights and shit. You get to do that all day every day. 

My family and my business support you, regardless of some of the stupid things I’ve said. 

“We at FRESHJUNKIE are no different than the rest of you. As have opinions, passions, and ideals that matter.  This isn’t a political statement, as we are Americans first and children of the world second. This means we believe the rights afforded to us apply to everyone.  We aren’t US Constitution experts, but we believe in people’s rights to basically do what they’d like as long as it abides by the law, and not some archaic fear inducing state laws passed by men protecting their small minds and baseless fears about sexuality. 

We believe you can love who you love.  We believe you should be able to marry them if you so choose. We believe you deserve the same respect and dignity afforded the rest of us, because we are all the rest of. 

Know that at FRESHJUNKIE we too are flawed and a work in progress. Know that we support and love the LGBTQ community. You are always welcome here and we believe its important to let you know that.”


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