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A year ago...


Yesterday marked a year that I wasn’t even tracking. A year from a low point in a list of them from the prior two years. Low but also lifting. I was reminded this weekend of the post that started a lot of this. It was titled, “What you need to know.” but I’m not sure that a lot of people were ready for what I was sharing. You can read it HERE.

Since then you’ve seen me vomit ideas and thoughts without much consideration of the effect they will have on family, friends, or strangers. A year ago though, people were just worried about me.

More interesting and unexpected, I received an outpouring of thank yous for sharing what I was struggling with. Turns out (I was already pretty sure) that we are all fighting fights. Some of us better than others. That I had publicly stated things they felt made people feel better. That, in and of itself, was a win.

Since the time I wrote that post, I’ve had the same thoughts. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t, but I have 100% identified the only reason I do, and that’s a great thing. I’ve also come a long way through asking myself hard questions and sometimes posing the same to you. For joining me. Thanks.

I can say that June 8th, 2018 and June 8th, 2019 aren’t terribly different in a lot of ways, but a lot better in others. So overall it’s a plus.

What you still need to know is that there’s always ebbs and flows, that depression doesn’t go away for good, but the message is still the same. You are loved by a lot of people. Never forget that.


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