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You gotta stay positive


Coming to you from 33000 feet. Or maybe less. My seat is in its full and locked position and We are sliding slow towards the earth.  I was in an exit row so my overwhelming sense of responsibility for the rest of the people on board wanes with each foot of descent. I mean I would have pulled the door off, but unless we would have landed gently in Lake Pontchartrain immediately after takeoff, I’m not sure I’d have been doing anyone any good. Alas, you gotta stay positive. 

I am pretty happy flying doesn’t bug me. There was a time and there have been times when I’ve allowed myself to think about the plane smashing to the ground and everyone onboard perishing a fiery death, but like I said, you gotta stay positive. 

One time in college I was sitting on top of the bathroom with my back to the wall and a girl in high school was sitting right next to me. It was her first time on a plane and she was talking my ear off and clearly nervous as hell. I said something to the effect of “we will be fine if we don’t crash in the first 10 mins.”  She shut up after that and dug he fingers calmly into the arm rests in a death grip for the first 10 mins of the flight then relaxed. Not my shiniest moment, but you gotta stay positive. 

I remember when you used to could smoke in the back half of a plane. Like somehow the backs of seats 19b and 20b held some power to filter the smoke out of the air. I feel like this must have been where the first second hand smoke studies should have been conducted. A toddler could suck down a pack of Kools on her way to Disney and been none the wiser. I’d let that bug me, but you know. You gotta stay positive. 

When I was in bands on college and the years following, I’d make it a habit of writing songs and ideas on the barf bags. I guess I thought this made me super cool. Looking back on it, it was kind of dumb. No point in getting bummed about it now. Gotta stay positive. 

The gear is coming down and we are about to hit the ground. I wonder sometimes what would happen if the back burners or reverse thrusters or whatever would fail, do they still use those big suds to stop you from flying off the runway or is it s big net these days?  Thankfully we didn’t this time. 

I’d let all these things bug me but, you gotta stay positive. 


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