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You aren’t following me back!!

Me calmly considering  if i should follow you.

Me calmly considering if i should follow you.

We live in a bizarre time. Connected beyond anything anyone thought possible yet alone and isolated as ever, maybe more so. As such the rules governing these interactions are fluid, constraining, and easy to screw up. Ask me. I know. 

Over the last 3-6 months I’ve had multiple conversations about “not following me back” and similar notions along with the stigma and hurt that is apparently attached to that. Per the usual, I didn’t even know this was a thing. 

My wife asks me at least once a month “Hey, who is so and so?”  I usually give her a blank stare or say “I don’t know.”  She then proceeds to tell me that the person in question and I are friends on Facebook and how can I accept anyone who I don’t really know etc. I mean I deny all of the ISIS/porn /requests, otherwise, I’m your friend. Come on down!

When I started with Instagram I barely used it. It was a way to post one pic in two places and had all those cool filters to make shit look all cool and all and that was about my level of expertise. Fast forward a couple of years and at one point I had 6 IG accounts, each with a different and or overlapping group of followers. 

Over the last year, I’ve cut it down to 4, 2 of which I do a piss poor job at keeping up with, as the life of a 48 year old nobody is exhausting and I’m not super great at anything but mediocre selfies. 

Why I am mentioning this at all is this. If I or anyone else didn’t follow you back, well, I guess I’m sorry. I mean I’m sorry if your feelings got hurt, but realize it’s because I can barely work the internet, let  alone keep a running daily tally of who I am or am not following. If you see this and I’m not. Tell me. Hell, I think I wasn’t following my wife for a period of time. 

Oh and I also just went to my personal IG and unfollowed everyone and started over. While this sounds smart and a good way to start over, I think I’m now following half of a 6th grade class. FML means Food Me Likey! Kids!! 

I’ll be mass following you all back soon. 



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