Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 

Weird + 20 things


On Sunday I said thank you and asked that if you read this, found value and so chose, that you’d share it in some way or form. I truly appreciate those that did. I thought this a straight ahead affair that would yield little surprise. Weird how wrong we can be. A friend from my running shoe days shared my blog with a little post about how I openly discuss depression and such. It gave me pause because I didn’t think I talked that much about depression (insert laughing to tears emoji here). I really thought I was a lot more sunshine and rainbows. 

It’s funny how at odds what we think we are portraying and what comes across can be, I mean I checked a few posts just to make sure, but damn if there aren’t quite a few solid bummers in here.  On a positive note though, I do seem to try and work these things to a positive ending and hope to bring you there as well. 

This morning I woke up and was immediately stressed out, but damn if I wanted to roll into a full day as a Debbie downer, so I tried to think of something super positive to write about. This is like force feeding broccoli to a toddler. There’s gonna be little green shit all over the place and teeth may be gnashed. So I poured some coffee and thought. “What are 20 things that you are happy about?” If nothing else, a simple exercise to point the day down river and gather some positive current. I challenge you this morning to see how many you can think of.  I’m going stream of consciousness and listing whatever comes to mind. 

Share a couple in the comments if you like. I’d like to see what makes you stoked. 

1. Strong black coffee 

2. The sound the dog makes at the end of a yawn. 

3. When I pick it up running and it hurts and I smile, and keep pushing laughing that “I did this to myself.l

4. Watching a friend or person I coach achieve their goals. 

5. A happy customer. 

6. The comfort of a warm car. 

7. When a great chord progression comes to you and the band falls in and likes it. 

8. A full and complete vision of a work item. (Usually forgotten before I can record it, but at least I know it’s in there . 

9. Nostalgia in almost every form, but especially reconnecting with old friends and picking up right where you left off. 

10. When you can sit and be truly quiet and relaxed. 

11. Doing no breathers in the pool and or swimming underwater as far as I can go. 

12. Watching my kids sing and play music

13. When the dog sploots and pulls herself 8 feet across the living room floor

14. My wife’s smile. 

15. A good run. 

16. Loud music

17. Tater tots 

18. Cold beer 

19. My friends 

20. Any of those videos of unsuspected talent on those tv shows that give you chills and make you cry with joy. 



There’s a difference between knowing and doing.