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One helluva Monday


You ever look up and think. “Damn, will this Monday ever end?”  The best laid plans from the day prior go off the rails before 7 a.m. and you’re pretty sure you’ll spend the rest of the day chasing your tail. You know for sure that someone’s going to pop out of a doorway and say rather sarcastically, “Looks like someone’s got a case of the Monday’s.”

Then you realize it’s Thursday. 

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for summer break. Yes. I know I don’t get 12 weeks off but dammit. I’m going to act like I do. Maybe it’ll be a summer up-do or new pair of split shorts, it’s too soon to tell, but I do know I am acting like I’m on vacation starting on my kids last day of school. 

I’m going to push the envelope of casual dress (if you saw how I dress now, you may wonder how this is even possible.). Tank tops. Check. Flip flops. Cool. Speedos. Probably. I’m not scheduling any adult things. I mean we can still have meetings, but if it’s noon (maybe 11:00) we may have a beer. Maybe not. But I’m not deciding yet. 

Sound childish? Tough. It’s my summer break. I’ll pretend it’s the summer of 89 right before I came to college. It’ll be my 30th summer of my senior year and I’m going to the pool to work.

I mean I’m going to have to buckle down again come August, when I get ready to put on regular shorts and t-shirts again but until then I’m going to go campaign for my favorite politician. Hold up. Strike that. Summer me isn’t wasting time on those losers

Maybe this summer I’ll start playing acoustic shows and tours of the southeast opening for a British New Wave band. Maybe this is the year I show PatO and the world that a 7in long Tater tot on a stick is a good thing. Maybe I’ll go sailing a lot. Who knows. It’s my summer and I’ll do what I like. 

Until then. This is one hell of a Monday (Thursday).



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