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Almost missed it..

Almost missed it..

I almost just said fuck it and let today slide. I’m tired after a great night with friends and I really don’t have a hell of a lot to say. Except I always do. I had a thought today while riding my bike. I wondered, is it possible to get across a point with 100 word posts? Or would this yield 100 word status updates and a lot of hot garbage? Probably a little of both.

100 words. What if shit goes sideways and I’m in the middle of a really good point? Could I go over or would I impost some sort of idiotic “well you said 100 words.” Black or white. The end.

I’m not there, and I’m still streaking. I have a lot I want to do with writing, and daily practice is the most important muscle flex I have going. I mean I can’t even do 5 pullups in a row.

While we are just yapping, you know what’s a giant pain in the ass. Pictures for all of these posts. I mean I jokingly say I like to take selfies and I think that selfies for most of these posts is kind of funny. But damn that shit is exhausting.

So, as we start a new month of writing, know I’m not done, and know I am gonna try and raise the bar for y’all.

Back to the Super Bowl. I mean y’all really think boycotting it is doing anything??


Manic…Monday or otherwise

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