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Manic…Monday or otherwise


I no shit woke up today singing the Bangles 1986 breakout hit, Manic Monday. Cmon universe, really??? It’s like it’s trying to force me into that which I despise, aka “the classic workweek struggle”.  But I’m not having it. 

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?  Hell no. I’m not falling for the trap. The idea that the weekends are better and that Monday’s are the worst won’t be the boss of me!! I’m partly blaming Prince (who wrote the song) and the Bangles. But it’s hard to be mad at Susannah Hoff when she’s looking out the corner of her eyes at me. These may be the days we wish our beds were already made, but maybe just leave the bed unmade and get on with things. 

You got a choice today. Either decide to get on with it or start looking for the “typical Monday” stuff to happen. Which always happens when we look for it, but never seems to when we don’t. 

Self fulfilling behaviors are fascinating to me in both how I behave as well as watching others. I think we discount how much what we think about affects how things turn out. Are bad things and failures occurring because the universe has it out for you or because you go into everything with the “nothing ever works out for me” attitude?

Have you already decided that Monday’s suck so they always do? Or is it just another day?

Susannah Hoffs could have been wrong and Monday could be your funday. 



Almost missed it..

Almost missed it..