Patrick Fellows is a 5 time Ironman, TEDx giving, 32 miles swimming, endurance coaching, healthy cooking, entrepreneur and musician.  Born in Dearborn, MI, raised in Mississippi and a Louisianian for 30 years, 

feeling it

been a couple of weeks since i have posted. i have a catering business and tis the season. i am also going to L.A. tomorrow to help develop another restaurant which is an exiting opportunity.
now to the business at hand. we made some big steps forward in many ways ove the last two weeks. the biggest being in fitness level for me. i made a pretty big jump in yardage going from 18,000 meters two weeks ago to 21,000 this past week. i also started a new circuit with Dr. Ripple and Shelly and i have been feeling the strength build. in the past i have done dryland training and though i got stronger over time, i was never working out enough to feel tangible strength benefits. in the past two weeks i have been doing the dryland in the morning and swimming in the afternoon and have felt strong in my afternoon workouts. good feeling. i am getting faster as well. my goal for the event will to be able to maintain 1:30 pace which is about 4000 meters per hour. if i can do this it will take me a substantially shorter time to do the swim (between 12-13 hours instead of 16 if i just go 2 mph). this means i must be able to swim most of my workouts fasted than 1:30 pace. the big bonus for me will be when i put on the wetsuit and gain 5-10 seconds per 100. i am gaining confidence in my fitness which is great.
on the sponsorship front, DeSoto Sport has agreed to be my wetsuit sponsor. they are a premier triathlon company and have what many feel to ne the most swimming oriented wetsuits. they are a two piece suit that allows a lot of shoulder freedom as well as low neckline for less risk of chafing. i should receive one in the next wekk or so. in addition, Shelly and i have put a proposal before nike asking them to sponsor both the event and me. we'll see how it goes. preliminary letters have also been written to endless pools and timex. we'll what comes of it.
on the logistics front we got a big answer on permitting etc. for the swim. we don't need any unless we disrupt commercial shipping. HAHA! i will stop for all ships. my mom made a great contact with a lady who is the head of the Mississippi Physicians Association who wants to promote us and get us affiliated with the governor and Robin Roberts from GMA.
all in all a great couple of weeks. ill write again from the plane or in california.

feeling it

keep it a going