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Tired of the formula


I was browsing the gram of instances (instants) yesterday and read a quick post by the Wall Street Journal . It was about the fashion designer Jason Wu, who designed a gown for Michelle Obama. Wu’s career didn’t explode like one would think. 

I have no political opinions about this nor am I a fashion designer follower. As I read, it said that Wu was taking a year off from the traditional fashion show model as he was tired of  the formula. I love the idea of being “tired of the formula” because that’s where true ideas and change come from. Being fed up with the status quo and saying “there has to be another way”. 

Sometimes that way may be better just as sometimes it’s worse but being tired of the formula means you are open to a different way. I feel like that’s my whole life. A different way.  Maybe I’m searching for reassurance that the way I try is okay. We all want attaboys. 

I’d like to think that I encourage you to step back and take a look at your world from a different perspective. To consider a different formula to find the answer. 

Life isn’t math (thank god) and there’s different ways to get through it.  

Sometimes you have to stop and see if you can multiply instead of divide. 


Quit putting mayo on my sandwiches…a rant.

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