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DAY 27: What did we learn?

DAY 27: What did we learn?


27 days in a row creates a habit.  That was the premise that got this ball rolling.  I would blog 27 days in a row and create a habit to embed blogging into my daily life.  So what did we learn and do I have a new habit? Per usual this isn't a cut and dry case.  In my mind, I wanted to create a daily routine that went something like this. Wake up at 5- Run/Swim/Bike Come home or arrive at office to a quiet cup of coffee and 30-60 minutes to write a well thought out entry.

The reality is that I chose this challenge during the Christmas holidays and during a one week vacation.  Not really anything routine at all.  I had to get it in daily, so I did it when I could.  For instance, I had a call with my boss today that fell through, so I have 20 mins.  Then on to the next appointment.  What I did learn during this experiment, is, that like anything, if we commit ourselves to doing it, and WANT to, we can find the time.  Most of these posts took less than 15 minutes to come up with.

I wrote 8 from my phone, 1 on a plane, a couple in the car while someone else drove.  Morning, noon and night.  I found ways to fit it in.

I did learn that I really enjoy writing.  I also found that some of you enjoyed it too.  Which made it all the more worthwhile.

I was pleasantly and fully surprised as to which posts got the most readership and traffic. The top 5 are below:

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You wanted to know less about fitness and really seem to want to be moved to do something meaningful.  Less impressed with pure jackassery, and more inspired to improve.  That's inspiring in and of itself.

So the bigger questions that remain are the following: 1.  Will I continue to write daily? 2.  What will I focus on? 3.  How can I make this blog bigger and badder?!

1.  Yes 2.  I'm not  sure that I will ever be a "focus on one topic" type of a guy.  I will try tie like ideas together, but I will also some days just blurt out something useless. 3.  I am going to redo this site so that it is more useful and easy to get things in the right places.  Videos for sure, maybe a podcast here and there.

One of the intriguing things about this blog is that you, the readers, only made 8 comments on 27 posts.  I wonder if that's because of the format of my blog, or because, you decided, "This dude is 100% correct, no need to add any more."  I have heard word in blogoland, that comments are important.  If you do have some commentary, please post up here or on FB or email me  I'd love to hear what you think and what you'd want to see more of.

Anyhow, below is a list of all of the posts 1-27.  Thanks for reading....and see you tomorrow.

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